Moving forward, the 1st round of the Tag Teams Match-ups will always be updated the 1st Tuesday of the following month, i.e. the 1st round of July's Tag Team match will go up the 1st Tuesday in August. On week's with 5 Tuesday's there will be either no update, or a bonus update on the last Tuesday. The bonus update for this Tuesday is a match between Serena Blair and newbie Katie Summers that was ended early due to a knee injury, and a match between Bryn Blayne and Holly Heart that was also ended early due to injury. Both great matches with lots of submission holds, face sitting, and non scripted sexual wrestling!!
Bonus-Serena-Blair-vs-Katie-Summers-and-Bryn-Blayne-vs-Holly-Heart Bonus-Serena-Blair-vs-Katie-Summers-and-Bryn-Blayne-vs-Holly-Heart Bonus-Serena-Blair-vs-Katie-Summers-and-Bryn-Blayne-vs-Holly-Heart
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