BondCon: A celebration of bondage
Ultimate Surrender 100% competitive non-scripted erotic wrestling

Mistress Kara, Juliette March, Cheyenne Jewel, Rilynn Rae, Sasha Princess Banks, Mona Wales

on September 5 at 7:00 PM  PDT

Mistress Kara, Juliette March, Cheyenne Jewel, Rilynn Rae, Sasha Princess Banks, Mona Wales

Summer Vengeance Heats up. Brutal, Nail Bitting Match.

Aug 22, 2014 - and

Outstanding display of wrestling from both wrestlers. Back and Forth control and sexual domination during the wrestling. One wrestler just has more heart and takes the victory with only seconds left on the match. This could have gone either way but one wrestler had more heart and refused to lose. Brutal round 4, Loser is left with a raw pussy to remind her of her loss

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Team Queen takes on Team Wrangler. Star wrestlers steal the show

Aug 19, 2014 - , , , and

We have some of our best wrestlers on the mats tonight. The Wranglers are behind in points for the season and really need to catch up. Isamar is up for the challenge. She single handily takes on the queens with a little help from Mona Wales.

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Penny Barber and Holly Heart in Summer Vengeance. One gets bullied Hard

Aug 15, 2014 - and

Summer Vengeance is one of the greatest competitions on the planet. Strong, sexy girls impose their will on each in attempt to get each other to give the ultimate orgasm on the mat, against their will, ripped out of their pussies while they struggle and fight to get out of a hold. The matches are intense. These girls exert themselves beyond what they could ever do in a bondage shoot and sometimes, it gets to be too much for a girl. Today, one girls pushes herself too hard and has to quit after only 2 rounds of wrestling. Her opponent is deemed the winner and really lays in hard for the prize round. She's not gonna let the quitter live this one down

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Loser Pussy Drips after Feeling the power of the winner.

Aug 8, 2014 - and

Milcah Halili really has her heart set on winning today. The only way she's going to win is if her opponent can show pure physical dominance. Unfortunately for Milcah, she she get's overpowered, she gets turned on and her brain stops focusing on wrestling and starts focusing more on orgasms. Because of this, Milcah has been called "The New Dragon Lily" by some of the fans.
Today she's going up against Bella Rossi. Bella is up to challenge Darling for the lightweight title. She's been practicing being a perve. When she gets in a dominant position she really lets her freak out. This is going to make for an interesting dynamic between these two.

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Summer Vengeance Extremely competitive Sexual Wrestling match up

Aug 1, 2014 - and

Daisy and Rilynn have had a good rivalry this season. Their one round "Submission in the MIssion" match up ( see was very close. Rilynn has been gunning for Daisy all Season. Today is her chance to fuck her back. The last 3 minutes of the match are greatest in sex fight history. The Score is neck and neck. The girls have double control and it comes down to heart and who wants it more by the buzzer

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Team Wrangler vs. Team Queen

Jul 29, 2014 - , , , and

This is another installement of Wrangler vs Queen tag Team style. The Queen is so confident her team is going to lay down an ass whooping, she doesn't even make an appearance tonight. She leaves her wrestlers to fend for themselves. The Wrangler is here with her team and coaching from the side lines.

Jeze Belle is here to replace Elizabeth Thorn for the rest of the season. Tonight is her first tag match and she is in for a rude awakening. Team WRangler is ruthless on the mats. Izamar is determined to get a fist in during the wrestling and this sets the stage for what is going to happen all night. 5 fingers in the pussies during the wrestling!

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Pro Domme, Lea Lexis takes on Legit Wrestler, Jayogen Summer Vengeance

Jul 25, 2014 - and

Lea Lexis is ranked 15th in summer Vengeance. She's had some impressive wins this season with her only loss being to Darling for the light weight semi finals. Her round 4 domination is some of the finest we have seen on Ultimate Surrender. Today she's going up against Jayogen, the Beast from the East. This Asian Babe, who is ranked 8th, has also shown some great wrestling domination in both singles and tag matches. These two clash hard in the first round but once fingers get in the pussy, one wrestler in rendered helpless and melts in the hand of the victor.
loser is pumped full with an inflatable dildo in her ass and DP'ed.

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