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The Beast meets La Diabla in on Hell of a Match

Sep 19, 2014 - and

The beast has been walking through girls in in Summer Vengeance. It would appear, she has pick up the spirt of the site. She had a wrestling back ground, she just needed to figure out how to molest girls WHILE she wrestled and it looks like she's learned a thing or two. La Diabla is a beast of her own. She been mopping the floor with girls. This match is competitive back and forth action but one reigns supreme in the end and moves on in the tournament.

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Last tag match before the 12 girl finale The final score is.........

Sep 16, 2014 - , , , , and

The Queens killed the wranglers round by round in the Sexual Submission in the Mission earlier this year but they haven't been able to keep up the track record. The Wranglers have been dominating the tag matches.

The score going into the finals is Wranglers 5153, Queens 4051. The Queens are going to need a Hail Mary

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Our Top Ranked Wrestlers takes on our Biggest mouth

Sep 12, 2014 - and

Can Penny Barber back up all the shit she's been talking? She's taking on Mistress Kara today. Kara quickly gets control but Penny doesn't shut up. the only way to shut this girl up is to stick a fist in her pussy while you sit on her face. Penny get's fingers into Kara and things start to get interesting.
Loser is fucked fisted and anally probed.

The winner will move on to face Cheyenne Jewel.

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Summer Vengeance 4th takes on 6th in the Rankings. One get Bullied

Sep 5, 2014 - and

Bella Rossi and Izamar have met on the mats before. They are both experienced grapplers which makes this match extremely exciting. Bella Rossi really knows how to use her legs and she traps Izamar time and time again with her strong leg scissors. Izamar has brut strength and bullies her way around Bella. This Match is back and forth action for the true fans of competitive sexual grappling

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Rookie Cup Champion takes on Wrangler Team Captain

Aug 29, 2014 - and

Both these girls are skilled and have been doing excellent this season. Daisy won this year's Rookie Cup Championship. That doesn't mean much to Cheyenne. The Wrangler is here to kick ass and humiliate all rookies by beating the best one on the roster. Winner Tramples loser with dirty boots, makes her worship her ass and then fists her.

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Summer Vengeance Heats up. Brutal, Nail Bitting Match.

Aug 22, 2014 - and

Outstanding display of wrestling from both wrestlers. Back and Forth control and sexual domination during the wrestling. One wrestler just has more heart and takes the victory with only seconds left on the match. This could have gone either way but one wrestler had more heart and refused to lose. Brutal round 4, Loser is left with a raw pussy to remind her of her loss

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Team Queen takes on Team Wrangler. Star wrestlers steal the show

Aug 19, 2014 - , , , and

We have some of our best wrestlers on the mats tonight. The Wranglers are behind in points for the season and really need to catch up. Isamar is up for the challenge. She single handily takes on the queens with a little help from Mona Wales.

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