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Ultimate Surrender 100% competitive non-scripted erotic wrestling

Darling, Penny Barber, Yasmine Loven, Andre Shakti, Daisy Ducati, Lisa Tiffian

on April 3 at 7:00 PM  PDT

Darling, Penny Barber, Yasmine Loven, Andre Shakti, Daisy Ducati, Lisa Tiffian

Promising Rookie Gets a wake up call from Ariel X

Mar 27, 2015 - , and

Ingrid Mouth had an impressive debut on Ultimate Surrender when she beat an experienced, Andre Shakti. She is ranked as our #1 rookie this year and and is expected to win the rookie cup tournament. Today she is going to be made humble by Ariel X, who is so sure of herself she claims she could beat any rookie even while she is blind folded. Red, Syd Blackovich, calls Ariel out on this claim and a blind folded Match ensues.

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Team Tarrasque is Dominated on the Mats by Team Grappler

Mar 24, 2015 - , , , , and

Last month's tag match was very close, this months, not so much. With two premature leaves on the teams, Team Captains Darling and Penny Barber step in to replace their injured wrestlers. With Darling and Izamar wrestling for Team Grappler, the Tarrasques didn't stand a chance. Penny Barber cums multiple times on the mats, it's as if she wasn't even trying to win for her team or maybe she gets so turned on from being trapped and fingered while trying to resist that she just cums THAT fast. There are dire consequences for the losing team.

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Fiery Red Heads fight for the ultimate State of Control

Mar 20, 2015 - and

Bella Rossi is back on the mats to show the rookies what it's like to get worked over and fucked upside down. Sophia "Quadzilla" Locke is a strong buxom red head with the heart of a warrior. She thinks she can take down the Annihilator and she has some strong and humiliating words for Bella Rossi before the match even starts.

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The Two most Orgasmic Wrestlers of season 12 face off for a Cum-off

Mar 13, 2015 - and

Mia Li is notorious for cumming on the mats. The only person who is close to her OOM ( orgasm on the mat) record is Cassidy Klein. These two orgasmic wrestler are here to settle the score of who is the most orgasmic US wrestler. What a fight these babes put up. They keep fighting to the bitter end. Orgasms are worth 100pt each and the winner gets to fuck the loser in brutal, classic US fashion. Doggy Style strap on fucking with verbal humiliation and muscle worship

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Welter Weight Bout, Big Tits and Big Asses battle for the right to fuck the loser

Mar 6, 2015 - and

Isamar and Yasmine Loven are two of our finest welter weight. They both have great tits and asses and they both plan to use those weapons against their opponent today. Isamar has 12 years of wrestling experience. Yasmine has 2 years of wrestling experience but has proven to be a dangerous opponent to even our elite wrestlers. The winner of this match moves on to fight Cheyenne Jewel. This is a Welterweight tournament bout! During the Broadcast, our members made suggestions on things to happen to the loser Winner gets have her way....and viewer's way.....with the loser.

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Leg Scissor Hell from one of our best set of Legs

Feb 27, 2015 - and

Freya French is wrestling for ultimate Surrender for the first time today. She has some wrestling experience and is confident she can take on last year's Rookie Cup Champion, Daisy Ducati. Daisy has been extremely impressive in her last few matches. She's proven to have lethal legs.

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Team Grappler Meets Team Tarrasque in the first Tag installment for season 12

Feb 24, 2015 - , , , , and

Penny Barber has Ella Nova and Jayogen wrestling for her tonight against Darling's team made up of Daisy Ducati and Angel Allwood. This is a Nail bitting close match up to the buzzer. Heavy consequences for the Captain of the team who loses the first match....fistings, anal and Glazed Donuts. Losing Captain gets Cum Splattered on her freshly fisted pussy

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