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Tag Team Fianle Team Queen has a devastating disadvantage going into the match

Oct 28, 2014 - , , , , , , , , , , and

Team Queen and Team Wrangler have been battling all season long. The Queens seemed like they had an advantage from the beginning of the team pickings but slowly and surly, Wrangler creeped up victories with tag matches all season long. Today these girls fight on the mats one last time. Each girl wrestles one round of extreme, intense tag team action, giving it everything she's got to help get her team the win

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SEXUAL SUBMISSION IN THE MISSION 6 rounds of wrestling 1 hard core orgy

Oct 27, 2014 - , , , , , , , , , , and

This is republish. Tomorrow you will see the Tag Finale. Today we remind you of what happened in the beginning of season 11 and how these teams were made THIS IS MARCH MADNESS and we are bringing you Sexual Submission in the Mission

This is the full update of our 12 girl March Madness series. The teams chosen today will be the teams going forward for the rest of the season.
Mistress Kara is the team captain for the Queens, She choses the following wrestlers for her team :
Kara's Team:
Penny Barber
Juliette March
Sasha Princess Banks
Daisy Ducati
Elizabeth Thorn

Cheyenne's team:
Bella Rossi
Paris Lincoln
Mona Wales
Rilynn Rae
Ella Nova

Cheyenne wins the coin toss and gets first pick of wrestler. Kara gets to pick the first match up. The team who wins the match gets to pick the match ups. Kara's first match up choice for
round 1 Mona Wales vs. Sasha Princess Banks. Neither Wreslter have a great deal of experience but both have a ton of heart.
round 2 Two tall sexy strong babes go at it, Daisy Ducati and Rilynn Rae. These leggy babes brutalize each other with leg holds and body scissors
round 3 Petite girls, Juliette March and Paris Lincoln go at it so hard that Paris must call it quits, Mona wales finishes up the round on behalf of Team Wrangler
round 4 The team Captains go at it. Kara lays the pain on Cheyenne in front of her entire team
round 5 Ella Nova and Elizabeth Thorn....lizzy is pickup up some skill but the Noobe, Ella isn't a push over. She is able to reverse a lot of Elizabeth's holds but the pussy fingering is just too much for her to over cum
Round 6 One of the best rivalries in US history is Penny Barber and Bella Rossi. These two have a love hate relationship. They love to hate each other. These two go back and forth in victories. Today the winner of this match really wants to rub it in on the looser....but winning the individual match isn't enough if the rest of your team really fucking sucked for their rounds.
Winners and Losers. Girls who won their rounds still have to get fucked. The Prize round is one of the most brutal fuck fests that US has ever seen. Dick swapping in all the pussies. Every pussy gets fucked by every cock!

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Bella Rossi Takes on Ariel X for exhibition match up

Oct 24, 2014 - , and

Its been 2 years since this girls have met on the US mats. Ariel has had a lot of down time from knee surgery and running the greatest wrestling site on the planet. Bella has been a regular on US and has been improving every day. Today was supposed to be the title bout between Darling and Bella but it was delayed. Ariel Steps in very last minute with no preparation to take on Bella. Bella could have the advantage here.

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LightWeight Championship Matchup Darling vs Bella

Oct 17, 2014 - and

Bella Rossi has dropped down to Lightweight and she's taking on long time grappling phenom, Darling. These two have met on the US mats before. Today these ladies want to settle the score. Winner humiliates loser. Loser gets tag team fucked by the winner and Ref

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Feather Weight Championship Matchup

Oct 10, 2014 - and

Our Smallest girls are fighting for the title tonight. Serena Blair is the Reigning Feather Weight Champion. Juliette March is the Challenger. Juliette has been slaying Giants in the tag matches and impressive against bigger girls in the single matches. Serena meets her toughest feather weight Challenge this season.

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Summer Vengeance Season 11 finals

Oct 3, 2014 - and

Kara has been stopping the wrestlers this season. She went up against one of our best, strongest wrestler, Cheyenne Jewel and made her look like an amateur. Kara has been destroying girls on our mats and making really really good wrestlers just look really really bad. Izamar has gone up against Kara in the past and has fallen short each and every time. She believes today she has Kara's number and knows how to take her down. Loser is fisted and humiliated for being such a loser and left crying on the mats, sucking her thumb like a little baby bitch

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Season 12 team Captains Meet in Semi Finals for Summer Vengeance

Sep 26, 2014 - and

Mistress Kara and Cheyenne Jewel have been trying to best each other all season long in the tag matches but today is the Summer Vengeance semi finals. Kara has kicked Cheyennes ass so many times in singles matches, its getting to be laughable. Cheyenne has been training and after losing to Kara so many times, she thinks she finally has her figured out. Unfortunately for one of these girls, this is a total squash match.

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